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Re: Winter's Current Observations

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:56 pm
by wittykitty
GrannyGrottbags wrote:
wittykitty wrote:The pond froze over last night - just got to it in time this morning. Filter started pumping all the water straight over the top of the ice and out the pond. Luckily there was about 1/3 water left and fishies are okay - phew!
Do you have an aireator kitty, something that will just keep the water moving?. How deep is your pond?.
Hi G

We have a waterfall which cascades about a foot from the top of the pond to air the water and keep it moving. Problem was the pond froze over anyway!! Also, the filterbox freezing up didn't help much.

The pond is only about 4 feet square. Now we're getting settled into the new place I think we'll sort something out to keep it insulated better. Not much point going too mad though as in our new 2/3 acre back garden we'll be building a much deeper pond, and one with some more insulation (carpets etc) to help keep the water melted.

I was quite pleased the little stream I built at the old place never froze - I think it was because the water runs so fast down it (I made sure to get a nice powerful pump)

In the meantime, is there anything you can suggest? I thought maybe a tropical fish heater in the filterbox might help?