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Windows 10

Post by GrannyGrottbags » Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:18 pm

Microsoft released is new operating system on July 29, but since doing so the Windows 10 upgrade is getting stuck in server woes. Many users reported all over social media channels the new install process was getting stuck, stalling at the progress bar loop then leaving a message saying, “Preparing to Install.”
It was a massive day for Microsoft with its new release of Windows 10, but they never expected to run into huge problems from the get go.
It did go smoothly for a lot of people installing but there were a huge number experiencing the install getting stuck on the “Preparing to Install”.

Windows 10 problems are coming in very fast indeed and if you visit you will see what we mean. So far PR has had over 200 comments form users, they even show a few tweets of complaints. If you are still having issues you could get the fix right here.

PR reports that users coming from a “clean 8.1” install with the Windows 10 upgrade stopped at around 91 percent. But of course no knows the exact percentage because this differs from user to user. ... rver-woes/

Mozilla sends Microsoft a no thank you letter for Windows 10
CHRIS BEARD, Mozilla's fur-free CEO, has sent Microsoft's Satya Nadella an open letter in which he criticises his peer for Windows 10 and the decision to automatically update systems.
Beard told Nadella that Microsoft's move to take control over such measures is not one that he could support.
He said that it sends technology backwards, which must be the equivalent of a ‘your mum' insult for the million dollar technology industry CEO community.
Beard reminded Nadella that a previous attempt to get Microsoft to follow the advice of a market-disrupting rival fell on deaf ears, which is why Mozilla is repeating its warning.
"I am writing to you about a very disturbing aspect of Windows 10. Specifically, that the update experience appears to have been designed to throw away the choice your customers have made about the internet experience they want, and replace it with the internet experience Microsoft wants them to have," he said.
"When we first saw the Windows 10 upgrade experience that strips users of their choice by effectively overriding existing user preferences for the browser and other apps, we reached out to your team to discuss this issue. Unfortunately, it didn't result in any meaningful progress, hence this letter."
The letter follows on the same theme, but adds an element of superiority. Beard said that Microsoft's actions do not matter to Mozilla just because it runs a competing browser, but that they could have a detrimental effect on the millions of people who use Windows.
"These changes aren't unsettling to us because we're the organisation that makes Firefox. They are unsettling because there are millions of users who love Windows and who are having their choices ignored," he added.
"We strongly urge you to reconsider your business tactic here and again respect people's right to choice and control of their online experience.
"It should be easier for people to assert new choices and preferences, not just for other Microsoft products, through the default settings, APIs and user interfaces. Please give your users the choice and control they deserve in Windows 10." ... windows-10
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