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Tiger Woods

Post by Lorrimor » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:04 am

So Tiger has missed another cut at a major and raking has probably dropped into the 300s . The question that keeps being asked is if he can get back to his past glories. The simple answer, in my opinion, is no. Even if he was at the top of his game a golfer closing in on 40 is not going to be as good as he was in his 20s and early thirties and Tiger is far from at the top of his game.

People say there is nothing wrong with his swing on the range and that it is just time; but they are missing the point. Until about 5 years ago I used to play regularly and got my handicap down to 9 at my best. I play once in a blue moon these days and occasionally go to the range. On the range my swing is still fine, stick me on a course with a bit more pressure and outside the sterile environment of the range and i'm shooting scores in the mid 90s. I simply do not have the muscle memory or confidence in my swing any more, especially with short irons chipping etc, which is the types of shot that you need to shoot low scores.

I think the same problem( obviously at a much higher level and pressure levels) goes for Tiger, He does not have enough confidence in his swing (which is highly modified because of his injuries) and when a round starts going wrong he gets stuck between his new and old swing which makes things worse. His touch around the greens has also gone, again probably down to confidence.

I think he has the ability to get back into the top 50, win some more t maybe pick up another major, but only if he starts playing week in week out to build up his confidence in his swing. Maybe he needs to do a Andre Agassi and drop down to lower levels until his confidence returns.

But its all down to him, if he continues only playing every so often then he is not going to improve, maybe he no longer has the motivation, he has more money than he can ever spend and probably knows he will not break the number of majors record, if this is the case then he should probably just retire and put both him and his fans out of their misery.

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