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Your Opinion Matters

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Your Opinion Matters

Post by Silvor » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:46 am

At UKWW, we welcome a vast majority of visitors every day. Some just stay in the background and read the diverse and interesting threads we have to offer. Some go that little bit further and register on the site so they can add the odd comment or read more of the threads freely, maybe even shot in the odd "Thanks" for a post to show recognition. Then some people go even further and post their thoughts, opinions and even their "forecast".

We are truly thankful for all of that input, from the guests to the regular posters. Without you, visiting, liking, posting, commenting and more - we would just simply have no reason to operate.

What we will not tolerate is people's opinions being shot down, argued against or users being secluded because they do not agree with you. That isn't how life works. That isn't what we welcome on this forum and that is not how we operate.

As many of you know, there are plenty of people out there who are very good at telling us all about the weather, teaching us about the charts and even throwing in their reasonable, dignified and supported opinion. But there are also people out there who are talking pure nonsense, whose forecast are the same every year, who love the media hype and simply get it wrong year on year.

However, there are two things here.

1. We will accept anyone on to this forum who has a forecast to share.
2. We will do number 1 because we are a friendly forum and the bottom line is whilst we may know "that isn't going to happen...", the person who posts it may truly believe that and they are entitled to that opinion. No one individual should hurt their feelings because they "disagree".
3. We will always accept good, honest and friendly comments and opinions to someones forecast.
4. We will not accept hostile, aggressive or childish comments directed towards someone, simply because you don't agree with them!

So this is where the line is drawn. We're a friendly forum who will welcome anyone. Life is too short to get wrapped up in the small details. If you don't like someone's opinion - don't read it, don't comment and I would expect that to be reciprocated. If you have a forecast, feel free to post it - but back up what you have to say with whatever evidence you feel you can. Be honest, kind and considerate. Don't shoot people down, don't follow them around the forum disagreeing with every post they write - again, if you don't agree with them, that's fine - that's allowed in life - but just leave them be.

The most of you on here are sensible, grown adults and really - we, as management, shouldn't need to post this kind of thread. But we've had PM's, we've seen the thread comments and we're seeing the anger and it isn't necessary at all. It really isn't - and I do suggest you take a day or so to have a good hard look at what has been happening, give your head a shake and come back - because we're the same as every other weather forum that is reputable. There will always be 100's of people with a different opinion to you.

If you STILL aren't happy though, find a forum that bans those they don't agree with. That creates an environment that is narrow minded and agrees only with those who run the site. You may be happier there - BUT I can't guarantee you'll get the wealth of knowledge, the depth of posts and the interest that you get here, at UKWW.

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