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How prepared are you to cope?

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How prepared are you to cope?

Post by NorthernSnow » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:42 pm

Imagine the scenario, a buildup of perfect weather conditions leads to 18 inches of snow falling in lowland cities across the UK over a few hours, and well over 4 feet on high ground. It starts as wet sticky snow that brings down power lines but later cools to deep powder as it goes on. Later in the same night the skies clear and temperature records across the UK are smashed by 5 deg. That means the UK record in Braemar falls to -33, Aberdeen City Centre to -23, Manchester to -18, and London to -15.

This weather continues for around three weeks before the thaw starts, with similar and milder days but never going above zero anywhere in the UK until after three weeks have passed.

The first morning is genuine snow chaos. The few snow plough drivers who can get to work can't start them because the diesel has waxed in the tanks (UK winter diesel waxes below -15) and most of their efforts would be fruitless anyway without snowblowers. The shallowest snow is 18 inches so roads are impassible in anything but a specialist vehicle, even land rovers without proper equipment are stranded.

More than half of the country is without power and the repair teams can hardly get to their unimogs, and using them is as challenging as it ever can be. New lines fall faster than they can be repaired.

Almost every port is rendered useless, foreign travel virtually stops. A few southern harbours remain unfrozen and a few northern airports are equipped to get flights moving, but the complete lack of infrastructure to move passengers and supplies in and out leaves them unable to reach even 5% of their usual capacity.

Local shops are left bare and no new food can be moved around the country. As the second week wears on, the government requests aid from southern nations to fly over and drop food parcels to strategic locations.

If the above situation plays out, how would you cope? Are you in any way prepared?

I have a freezer full of food and a set of winter tyres in the garage but beyond that I'd be fairly screwed. My parent's place had gas cooking and a coal fire but where I am now it's all electric (still gas heating but that's useless without electricity). I think I'd be able to get to my parent's house on foot and probably stay with them.

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