Will It Snow Requests - Please Read

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Will It Snow Requests - Please Read

Post by Silvor » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:52 am

Hello everyone,

Please can I remind you that if you have a request asking whether it will snow in your area - please use the "Will It Snow? Request" forum area and do not fill up other threads will these requests. It makes it much harder to keep track of posts if users are going "off topic".

Forum area: http://snow-watch.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=36

Primarily, this thread:-

Can I also ask for your patience and cooperation whilst one of the team get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible, but only one post or thread is required. We will see it and we will get back to you in due course. If you wish for a further update, please just update the thread you original created or reply to your last response in the "Will It Snow? Request" forum.

All requests will get answered to the best of our ability at some point, but we can't guarantee an immediate answer.

Please also be aware that the information we give you is not 100% guaranteed. Don't hunt us down if it's wrong or doesn't come to fruition, we can only go on the data we have - and we do try our best!

All of us at Snow Watch would appreciate your cooperation with this.

Thank you,

Snow Watch Moderator
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