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Fans and how to use them

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:49 pm
by Subfreezing
As many will know, fans when placed in the interior of a room won't cool anything down unless it has a liquid evaporating from it's surface; this liquid- gas phase transition is an endothermic process, which will make human skin feel cooler because it IS cooling, due to water evaporating from the skin's surface. However, the room itself doesn't cool- air is merely being re- distributed. However, if you have an industrial (stand-up-) fan (it's probably of marginal benefit with small desk- top ones), put it very near an open window, and it will draw cooler air from outside, and you can truly cool the room, and all things being equal, you'll be extra- cool! Naturally, it helps a lot if the wind direction is inwards in the first place.