Mega Tsunami and all related information

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Mega Tsunami and all related information

Post by Richard » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:11 pm

Make of these video presentations what you will…

A…Planet X Japan Quake - Gordon Gianninoto Mark Lerner 1 ... er&list=UL …12 Mar 2011

At around 5minutes-37seconds into the video presentation he (Gordon Gianninoto) describes how a tsunami will travel across middle-England and wipe out Denmark.
According to Gordon Gianninoto, the precursors to this event are as follows………….. (5minutes-20seconds into the video)
1…Japan has a series of 8.0 mag quakes
2…The…New Madrid fault…in the USA fractures
3…The…Atlantic Rift…widens, which then sends a tsunami - 300 ft. high see part 3 - heading in the general direction of the UK
(He indicates that from the time of the movement of the Atlantic Ridge there is only a matter of hours at most before the tsunami hits the UK)
At 6minutes – 40seconds into the video he mentions that when we can see planet X with the naked eye in the same vicinity as the Sun, there are only 7.3weeks to pole-shift proper.

In the first hour, attorney and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto talked about Planet X's possible connection to the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan. According to Gianninoto, Planet X is real and presently located half-way between the Earth and the Sun. It has been imaged by NASA's SOHO satellite and can even be seen with the naked eye, he added. Gianninoto said the proximity of this celestial body is loosening Earth's tectonic plates, which are rearranging themselves around a hole in the Pacific.

Japan sits on the edge of an area where two of these loosened plates gave way, he continued, noting that the country will experience more quakes and tsunamis, and eventually fracture because its location. As the plates continue sliding, the Pacific will narrow, the Atlantic will widen, and several areas around the planet (San Francisco, Denmark, most of the Caribbean islands, and all of Central America) will be destroyed, Gianninoto warned.

Our second hour guest, astrologer Mark Lerner, also shared his insights on the Japan quake. According to Lerner, several planets, including Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, as well as the Sun, are clustering around the same point relative to the celestial equator. Uranus actually hit its 84-year-cycle zero point on March 11th, the day of the earthquake in Japan, he added. Earth seems to be responding to this extremely rare confluence of planets and will be affected for the next several weeks, Lerner said.

Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift? ... mic-shift/

V……Mega Tsunami Canary Islands to Eastern US.wmv ... r_embedded


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